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Chapter Event Grants
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PURPOSE: The goal of every SinC-funded event is to promote Sisters in Crime.





FUNDS (updated 2/11/15): The Board of Directors of Sisters in Crime allocates a pool of funds to be used for chapter event grants on an annual basis as part of the budget process. This total may vary from year to year depending upon other budget requirements. When this pool is exhausted in any one calendar year, the Board will be unable to fund additional requests. Grants must be freshly applied for each year. There is no guarantee that once awarded, a grant will continue to be awarded for an ongoing annual event or program. Grants are considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

The following chart outlines the general guidelines that should be used to determine the level of each grant request. Grant requests go before the SinC Board for consideration before the decision to award a grant is made. If funds are available, the Board vote is the final deciding factor on the grant award amount. Please use the comments section of the grant request form to explain any special circumstances.


Updated (1/17/2017): Anniversary Grants are now available. Expectations from National are:

  • Use #SinC30 on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, etc)
  • Read a statement from National (link to downloadable/printable document).
  • Hand out flyers on the benefits if National (link to downloadable/printable flyer).
  • Send a photo to National of your event that we can use in social media campaigns (you can email or just post and tag @SinCnational on Twitter or Facebook so we can share the event to all our followers).
  • Events can be combined with existing events, as long as the anniversary portion of the event is clearly defined and open to the public.

Event Type Sponsored By

 Largest % of attendees from: Estimated # of attendees Publicity Reach or Audience Award Amount
Anniversary  Single Chapter or   Single State 1 -  ? Social Media, Newsletters, Emails, Internet Notices (listserv, websites), Local Media Members, Fans, Writers, Readers, Booksellers, Librarians   $250
Local Single Chapter or Single State 1 - 100 Newsletters, Emails, Internet Notices, Local Media Members, Fans, Writers, Readers, Booksellers, Librarians $250
Regional Single or Multi-Chapter or



100 - 500 Newsletters, Emails, Internet Notices, Regional Media Members, Fans, Writers, Readers, Booksellers, Librarians $500
National Single or Multi-Chapter or



250 - 5000 Newsletters, Emails, Internet Notices, National Media, Trade Publications Members, Fans, Writers, Readers, Booksellers, Librarians $ 1000

TIME FRAME (udpated 5/16/2014): Grant request forms must be received in the national office AT LEAST THREE (3) MONTHS prior to the event.  Chapters contemplating a Regional or National event should contact Executive Director, Beth Wasson six months in advance to obtain full SinC support.

EVENT QUALIFICATION: Without exception, the event must be open to ALL SinC authors. An announcement suitable for posting on the Web site, inclusion in our periodic e-mail blasts, and/or publication in an edition of our newsletter, InSinC, MUST accompany the grant request form. This announcement must include an event contact person to whom SinC members may direct any requests to participate or for additional information. EVEN IF THIS EVENT HAS BEEN FUNDED IN THE PAST, A NEW GRANT REQUEST MUST BE SUBMITTED EACH YEAR.


1. Fill in the Grant Request Form, print and mail-in or submit online (we prefer online as it allows us to better track its progress).

2. Complete all areas of the form or address all items on a separate sheet. 

3. List or attach those items that require explanation INCLUDING the list of specific expenses for which you are requesting the grant.

4. Attach the announcement you wish to have placed in the various venues if your grant request is approved.

5. Submit this request using the Grant Request Form at least THREE MONTHS PRIOR to the proposed event date. You will be notified within 30 days whether or not your request has been approved.

6. WITHIN ONE MONTH AFTER after the event is held, submit your request for reimbursement.  This MUST include documentation of your expenditures and ALL of the following information to the best of your ability:

  • Number of SinC authors who attended
  • Total number of event attendees
  • Publicity garnered by the event
  • Number of new members recruited at the event
  • Name and Address of the person who should receive the reimbursement.

7. Allow four (4) weeks to receive your reimbursement check. Please notify SinC immediately if an event is cancelled. Event grant funds cannot be re-purposed.

Questions regarding reimbursement? Contact Beth Wasson at: or phone: 785-842-1325 or mail: Sisters in Crime, P.O. Box 442124, Lawrence KS 66044

The above has been compiled and approved by: THE SISTERS IN CRIME NATIONAL BOARD.


SinC Events: Good for Us and Good for You!
by Roberta Isleib

In the fall of 2005, SinC executive secretary Beth Wasson suggested I organize a breakfast for librarians that would coincide with the Public Library Association convention in Boston and help celebrate our 20th anniversary. Frankly, I thought she was out of her mind...

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